Sally Harloff(non-registered)
Heart wrenching love at its deepest devotion. By the end, my sobs were totally uncontrollable. A couples tribute to each other and their child.
May GOD BLESS Josh and his beautiful family. He is flying with the angels.
Agen Judi Betting(non-registered)
its heart breaking also lovely to see your gallery
That you for sharing this journey of Josh and Jenna. My heart aches for their family
Shafinaz nachiar(non-registered)
My heart aches seeing this. It is so beautiful and yet so heart wrenching. Thank you for sharing
informasi judi online(non-registered)
My wife was dx 6 weeks ago with a grade 2 ogliodendroglioma. She showed little signs beforehand and it presented itself with a seizure in her sleep. We are still gathering information and formulating a treatment strategy as everything is surrounded in risk. Reading others comments here I am thankful for the little time we have but am unnerved by how swiftly these people lost their loved ones.
Robyn Whitworth(non-registered)
Jenna is the meaning of "courageus" she risked facing up to see someone she loves' death although the result. And Josh must be blessed to see his daughter. I wish the best for the baby,Jenna and the others Josh left behind.
Diane Munson(non-registered)
My heart goes out to Jennifer. I can't imagine, (nor do I want to), the loss she is experiencing. My son Tyler is a 3-year survivor of GBM. Diagnosed at 27 in May of 2014, he has had two surgeries, radiation, and chemo (temodar), but has had "clean" scans since he completed radiation in September 2014. I have this constant fear of recurrence as we have been told "its not a question of if it recurs, but rather when". We are praying for our miracle, as I am sure Jennifer has done 1000 times. Bless you for being there for her, because you have been you know. To be able to look into someone's eyes and know they understand your pain is a tremendous relief.
Marian Diop(non-registered)
So many tears for such a brave couple. Thank you for putting the work into showing their journey, thank you to them for opening up their life. Cancer is horrible.
This is beautiful, and heart wrenching, and terrifying. My mother in law was (wrongly) diagnosed 12 years ago with a glioblastoma, but was diagnosed again last year. They've been trying chemo, with no luck, and we're worried that they wouldn't be able to do radiation because of how many rads she had the first time, but luckily since it's been so long, they'll try it again. She gets fitted for a mask next week, and looking through this just tears me apart. I feel so much for these two, but what a special way to leave a legacy for them. She's a strong, strong lady.
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