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this is documentary is a photo essay following two extraordinary people - Josh & Jenna.

Newlyweds in September 2014, Josh & Jenna were two days into their long awaited honeymoon in Taiwan in March 2015 when Josh found himself in the emergency room with neurological impairments. After scans revealed a large brain tumor, Josh and Jenna were on a flight back to the United States 24 hours later.

Josh was diagnosed with a WHO Grade IV, Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) in March 2015.

this is documentary sets out to tell the visual journey of a patient with brain cancer and his family. It's chronologically presented to convey the magnitude of the experience. This is not a filtered and sanitized story. Life, real life and the journeys we take, are not intended to be sanitized to make you feel better. It is meaningful to view Josh and Jenna's journey as it unfolds; feeling it, processing it and hopefully eventually coming to some understanding of what this journey is for patients and their families.  

this is opens the doors, pulls the curtains back and exposes the entirety of the patient experience.

this is brings the viewer face to face with the humanity of medicine and demystifies what is often veiled from public view. 

Every journey and story is different; theirs is the story I have the privilege to tell.

Josh and Jenna's life on this journey is raw, real, honest, transparent, emotional and humbling. 

I hope you are inspired and motivated to learn more, do more and give more. I hope these images give you pause to think and that you are moved to make a difference.

this is…

a Georgia Tech graduate in aerospace engineering
a husband and newlywed
passionate and gentle
college cheerleader
reserved yet self confident
entertained by novel ideas
always up for a challenge
wanting children
a wife and daughter
type A
an adventurer 
casualty of sports
lover of peas and the color green
marathon runner
wanting to carry his child
a clinical trial
honest & raw
seeking answers


Thank you to Emory Healthcare & Piedmont Healthcare for granting me extraordinary access to tell this story.  
For more information about brain tumors, brain cancer, treatments, support and clinical trials, please visit: 

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