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Kathie Walters Howard(non-registered)
What a sad ,beautiful story. I am so glad you shared it. I will never forget it.
Mark and T.(non-registered)
Thank-you! Thank-you for sharing. We have a five month old, and we were finding it stressful. Now we are awake to the fact that we are so blessed. Thank-you for the kick in the arse.
We really want to tell you how much we admire, and respect you for your dedication, loyalty, strength of character, resolve, and steadfast attitude. I can't imagine just how hard it would've been giving birth, and wanting to be happy, whilst also thinking about your man, and obviously feeling the utmost sadness.
It probably makes no difference; but you are a diamond. If we can be like you, for one hundredth of the time, we'll be going along the right path.
Love, and respect,
This reminded me so much of my dad's journey. He passed away recently - July 2nd - also of GBM. I was his caregiver and I was there with him the whole time. This is very moving and touching. I wish no one had to experience this... it's just so unfair
Danielle F.(non-registered)
Wow this is incredibly powerful and moving. I lost my dad to GBM September 2016 and the images are all too familiar. Watching someone that you love go through so many treatments and and being powerless to stop the inevitable is the worst feeling in the world. I have to say that he looked amazing throughout and so at peace. You did an amazing job of taking care of him and with a sweet baby girl no less, is no easy feat. I admire your love, courage and devotion. I wish you and your family the very best and thank you for sharing such intimate parts of your lives, it was truly beautiful to see.
Michelle Swanson(non-registered)
Heartbreaking and deeply courageous. Thank you for giving voice to this beautiful, tragic, and deeply personal journey. *gut wrenching sobs.
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